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The Wellness Consultants at National Holistic Healing Center has many different products to align with your medical condition. This term, referred to as “ailment-strain alignment,” allows the professional team to recommend specific strains with known benefits to treat a specific condition. Private consultation is provided for this service.

National Holistic offers a variety of product forms including flower, cartridges, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and concentrates. All products are labeled with information.

At National Holistic we have a great selection of non-psychoactive topical medications that can help with pain and other skin ailments. 

At National Holistic we offer a wide range of products including high THC products at consistent quality.

National Holistic offers a variety of products that can help with pain.  Talk to one of our wellness consultants and they can help you determine a course of action that best suits your individual needs, including opioid replacement therapy.

DC dispensaries do not track allotments from other states, therefore, out-of-state customers can enjoy the same eight ounce allotment that DC customers receive.

At National Holistic, you can purchase up to 1/2 lb. every 30 day period. We frequently offer sales and specials for even deeper discounts!

Minors can be treated with medical cannabis; they would need a doctors recommendation and parental permission.