Welcome to National Holistic Healing Center! Located 2 blocks north of Dupont Circle, our cannabis dispensary carries more than 100 marijuana products sourced from our local ABCA cultivation centers. Equipped with extensive education and experience, our team is qualified to provide customers with specific strains and products.

With a PhD in Cell Biology, I have vast experience with cancer and infectious disease research. My studies and training have driven my passion for finding innovative ways to meet customer needs with holistic healthcare solutions. I am honored to welcome you to our National Holistic family and look forward to providing you with the proper customer education and support services to improve your quality of life.

- Dr. Chanda Macias 

Dr Chanda - White Coat

COME VISIT US AT 1636 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20009


At National Holistic, our customers become part of our family. Our team listens to our customers with an open mind and open heart. We aim to provide the very best service and products to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


Not all strain classifications of cannabis are the same and neither are our customers. We specialize in ailment-strainalignment and will recommend the most effective indica or sativa strains for your symptoms.


We pride ourselves on being proactive whenit comes to assisting our customers. We provide premium organic strains, customer education, support services, and an assortment of edibles and infused products to better your lives.


National Holistic is more than just a dispensary. We focus on the holistic healing benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle. We offer classes on strain alignment, herbal enhancement, and dietary and physical consistency for a natural balance.