King's Juice effects are perfectly balanced for an all day smoke, with a nice uplifting head buzz, the body stays light and active and the taste stays in the mouth for a while after exhaling, creating a great sensation and satisfaction feeling. This flower packs a punch! Low tolerance patients, start slow.

NHHC testers report King's Juice as a happy, upbeat daytime flower -- the perfect accompaniment to getting your chores, errands, or work out done. It's a social strain that enhances focus, so at small doses, it could help you get through your work day as well.

Taste: citrus, hints of floral

Strain Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Mimosa x King’s Kush

Flavor Profile: citrus, floral

How it feels: balanced, happy, social, uplifted, active

Recommended for: ADD/ADHD, errands, exercise, focus, social anxiety, medicating while working