We are excited to announce that Dr. Chanda has been nominated to receive the Harlem Business Alliance STEAM Award at their 38th annual celebration event, BLACK AMBITION, on May 1st! For nearly 40 years, the Harlem Business Alliance has worked to transform small businesses into viable economic agents through inspiring entrepreneurs and provide programs and services throughout the neighborhood.

This year's theme is BLACK AMBITION and will be a celebration of the successes of Black women across different industries. We are extremely proud that Dr. Chanda Macias will be honored for her commitment and advocacy for women in cannabis. On her nomination, Dr. Chanda says...

"Words are hard to express when you are grouped with women you so deeply respect. I will accept this award from the Harlem Business Alliance for all the patients that believe in the medicine and all the women in cannabis and hemp industries. This is about awareness to just legalize it! My NY friends and those that want to travel, please join me on May 1st for the Harlem Business Alliance Awards Celebration 2019."

The National Holistic Healing Center team is lucky to be led by such an incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and hardworking woman. Help us spread this wonderful news by sharing on Facebook and Instagram!