Smell & Taste: lemon lime, fuel, sour cherry, tart
Genetics: Cherry OG x Turbo Diesel

Cherry Diesel is a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain boasting a pungent smell and featuring a cherry-forward flavor profile with sweet diesel undertones. In terms of effects, this strain is more energizing than calming.

NHHC testers report that medicating with Cherry Diesel will cause the patient to feel motivated and uplifted. It is ideal for taking on mundane tasks or working on creative challenges. The energizing and effects of this strain also make it a great candidate for wake and bake sessions. It can also help to relieve anxiety when you need to focus on a project or even to help you get in gear for back-to-school.

Medical cannabis patients choose Cherry Diesel to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD.