Cannabis 101 - The Basics

Cannabis 101 is the place to learn the basics of medicinal cannabis, its uses, THC versus CBD, and the types of cannabis products that you will come across.

How does Cannabis work?

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How does cannabis work? Have you ever heard of the endocannabinoid system? And how does cannabis help you achieve “balance”? We want you to be informed so that you can make an educated choice!
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How to Properly Use Edibles, Vaporizers, Topicals & More

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Edibles, vaporizers, topicals, oh my! There are so many different forms of cannabis that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide which option is best suited for you.
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Video Education Series

Proper Dosage
Receiving the proper dosage is so important with any medication you take. Medical cannabis can get tricky with availability varying from state to state plus there is not a uniform formulation that works for everyone.


Where is cannabis produced?
Have you ever wondered where medical cannabis is produced? In order to ensure the safety of patients, state programs get their medical cannabis from regulated and approved facilities that lab test and verify all products from start to finish.

Types of Plant Strains
There are thousands of cannabis plant strains! The plant has been cross-pollinated with other cannabis plants to create different strains to treat different ailments.

How do I store cannabis flower?
To prevent the degradation of the plant's trichomes, it is best to store cannabis flower in a light-restricted storage container with a temperature between 68-75 degrees, and 62% humidity.


Who prescribes medical cannabis?
The ultimate goal of cannabis is to assist in healing both mental and physical conditions, resulting in good health.


Genotype - Plant Strain
The genotype is the genes or DNA of a plant. Most strains are actually named based on the genes that produce a phenotype, or simply, what they look like.


CBD in Cannabis vs Hemp
There is no difference in the CBD produced in the cannabis plant versus the hemp plant! The 2 plants only difference is the THC content.

What is the phenotype of plant strain?
The phenotype of a cannabis plant strain is what the plant actually looks like when it's processing toward flowering. The phenotype is even used to help give the strain its name. 

Just For The High
There are forms of cannabis, such as CBD, that don't have that intoxicating effect that make patients feel high. Instead, CBD can aid in removing full-body inflammation, reducing anxiety, and even help you get a good night's rest.


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