July 10th may just seem like any other mid-summer date, but did you know it's becoming a well-celebrated "cannabis holiday" across the world? In recent years, 710 has been used to describe cannabis concentrates, much like the way 420 references anything related to cannabis. Unlike the origin of the 420 term, 710 is fairly simple — if you turn the number upside down, it reads OIL, which is cannabis concentrate.

As legalization sweeps the nation, the use of cannabis concentrates has become more popular, partly due to imposed laws, safety regulations and quality assurance. But what are they exactly?

Concentrates are the purest, most potent forms of cannabis, and therefore offer a great alternative for our patients treating severe symptoms, nausea or chronic pain. Some concentrates, called extracts, need a solvent, such as alcohol, CO2, or butane to extract THC, cannabinoids and terpenes that aid in healing. Most people associate "dabs" or "dabbing" with extracts — the process of heating a small amount of a cannabis oil or wax to be vaporized and inhaled. The effects and relief are felt immediately!

If you're new to concentrates or feel overwhelmed by the various consumption methods, you're not alone! Each month, our team hosts a free informative class where we discuss the different forms, such wax, shatter, kief, and rosin and give a tutorial on the consumption methods, such as vaping and dabbing. Head over to our Events page for more info.

Happy 710 Day!